Amanda Redman had FIVE rounds of hypnotherapy to give up cigs

TV veteran Amanda Redman has told how she had to have five rounds of hypnotherapy to get her to quit smoking.

The former New Tricks star, 58, has been off fags for two years but still uses e-cigs saying: “Tobacco is the best drug.”

She said: “I’ve been off normal cigarettes for two years now. But it took the fifth round of hypnotherapy to properly get me off.

“It was really good and helped a lot. Now I’m just on these e-cigs, I love them. They are amazing. Tobacco is the best drug, normal cigarettes just have all that s*** in them.”

Amanda is set to star in new ITV crime thriller The Trials of Jimmy Rose with Ray Winstone as they play husband and wife.

They first worked together 15 years ago in low budget cult classic Sexy Beast.

Amanda admits she jumped at the chance of working with ray but that they giggled through all of their intimate scenes.

Speaking at the premiere of Dear Lupin, she said: “When we do those scenes we giggle the whole way through.

“He’s quite serious but I’m a bit of a prankster, I wind him up. We’ve worked together before and he is a dream.”

“I am very picky, there is no point in just doing any old thing, you have to love it. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Ray on this show again.

“And I will take my time before I sign up to something else.”

Amanda married 42-year-old mobile phone designer Damian Schnabel in 2010. And she says he is 100 per cent supportive with her work.

She continued: “My husband is very supportive, he’s not in the business at all. But he gets what I do, and I love that about him.

“We are going to have a well deserved holiday, it’s nice for both of us to get away and enjoy quality time together.”

She also spoke about her ideal role and admitted she would only ever do something if it was “perfect”.

She continued: “I’ve been very busy over the last year, I’ve been directing a lot. And I do get a lot of offers to do different TV shows. But I end up turning most of them down.

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