How to manage pain with hypnotherapy

How to manage pain with hypnotherapy?When you are in pain, acute or chronic pain, you want to get rid of it or at least reduce the severity of it as soon as possible.

Pain and stress are related and make the pain feel worse causing you to feel anxious, even fearful about it and you can very easily be trapped in a vicious circle but hypnosis can offer you a way out of this negative and unhelpful cycle by helping you to relax at a deep level, letting go of stress and tension and reducing your experience of acute and chronic pain.

You can use the power of your mind and learn how to manage the pain in your body through hypnotherapy.  So instead of thinking there is nothing you can do, you discover you can do something to help yourself to diminish the pain you feel and this is empowering, causing you to feel less stressed, less tense, less anxious and more in control of your pain, reducing it to a tolerable level, even successfully letting go of it completely.

When you are deeply relaxed, you are open to the power of suggestion, suggestions of diminishing and reducing your pain to manageable levels, giving the body time and space to heal itself and you, the ability to function in your daily life instead of feeling incapacitated and unable to function properly.

When you deeply relax in hypnosis, the brain is encouraged to stop responding to pain signals.  By focusing your attention on your breath, breathing out the pain, stress and anxiety and breathing in calmness, relaxation and control, your pain is reduced.

After a few sessions, you develop the confidence that you can do something for yourself to lessen the pain, reducing your levels of anxiety, getting the pain you feel into proportion, reducing it to a tolerable level.  When you are relaxed mentally, the pain in your body will follow and reduce.  So learn how to use you mind to control the pain in your body.

I hope you feel that this post has been useful in understanding how to manage pain with hypnotherapy. If you feel you may benefit from any of this, please give contact me or call now: 0207 681 9127