Hypnotherapy Treatment

A client came to see me the other day for Hypnotherapy in North London to see how I could help her stop smoking.

  She started when she was 14 years old and was now 55 years old and smoking 15 every day for years and years.

She said her goal was the following:

“I want to try to give up smoking for my health as I am frequently out of breath, and for financial and anti social reasons.

I know of many people you have already helped quit smoking.  She also said she likes the “hit” of nicotine when the inhaled smoke reaches the back of her throat.

I told her there is a significant difference between, trying to give up and deciding to give up.

Hypnotherapy can only work if she has “decided” to give up.

Smoking Cessation

is a powerful addiction, a destructive habit that very often shortens your life.  Smoke is a substance which damages your lungs and other organs.

Why does it have such a powerful hold on people?

Over time a smoker develops faulty, seductive, automatic beliefs to do with relaxation, de stressing, clarity of mind, a stimulant, a depressant, a sophisticated look, a rebellious action, keeps me slim and many other reasons.

Hypnotherapy can replace these automatic, irrational and dangerous associations with rational and healthy reasoning and actions.

5 Reasons to give up Smoking

  • Your health
  • Your children’s health
  • A longer life
  • Financial reasons
  • Social reasons. 

Hypnotherapy suggestions will motivate you to use your rational mind to remember that it is your choice to give up smoking, your decision.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking success

With your decision and commitment to yourself to give up once and for all, Hypnotherapy can promote a deeply relaxed state of mind and body.

I give you powerful suggestions under Hypnotherapy which go deeply into your unconscious mind facilitating the success of your goal to quit smoking and to give up the poisonous habit once and forever.

So Stop Smoking Now!

So if you’re still smoking now is the time to change your life, give me a call and book yourself in for a Hypnotherapy session and let me help you on your journey to smoking cessation.

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