Emotional factors in Stress incontinence

Diurnal orthostatic incontinence is considered to be an organic disorder and is most frequently treated surgically. There is in the literature not a single instance in which any lefeience is made to the role of emotional factors in this disturbance. The case presented is a classic case of stress incontinence. Since childhood the patient had always been incontinent when coughing, exeiting herself, or running After several operations her symptoms worsened, the incontinence being almost complete and activity entirely precluded Nocturnal enuiesis also appeared Psychological investigation revealed emotional immaturity after an unhappy childhood with many fiustrations. There was no oppoitunity for deeper psychological treatment and supportive psychotherapy aided by hypnosis for symptom removal was used. The symptoms disappeared, the patient was able to return to social life and was still active 3 years latei.

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